Troop 24 Wilton Community Bottle Drive

Our bottle drives are the troop's main fundraiser.  We hold our drives in May and October every year. Look for the signs in your neighborhood. Thank you for your participation and donations.

Bottle Drive Guidance for Scouts and Parents:

Goal:  The goal for each scout should be to collect 10 or more large garbage bags of bottles and cans from their assigned route prior to the day of the drive.  Please bring the collected bottles and cans to the drive when you come.  Every scout should plan to spend a minimum of 4 hours and hopefully all day sorting on bottle drive day.  A parent or other adult should also plan to assist with the scout during that time.  We sort thousands of cans and bottles and the troop needs as much participation as possible.  A succeesful bottle drive funds our scouting events for 6 months.

Please come and be part of the success!  As always, your help is needed and greatly appreciated.

PLEASE SIGN UP.  The troop will be assigning work areas this year and we need to know how many people will be on hand for each hour.

Please wear Class B uniforms and bring dish (rubber) gloves or latex medical gloves if you have them.  Dress appropriately for the weather.


Print out the flyer below and make enough copies to post along your route.  You will need approximately 150 copies cut in half (300).  If you need copies made please ask in advance.

These copies should be put out 3-5 days ahead of time with specific instructions when you will be by to pick up.  Give everyone enough time to gather but not enough time to forget.

Note:  Put the notes outside of the mailbox (newspaper box or in between the flag and the box). It is unlawful to use the mailbox if you are not the US Postal service.

Bottle Drive Flyer

BottleDrive Routes:

You will be assigned a route number(s).  Find that number and print it out for your reference.