Troop 24 is a scout-led troop (with adult guidance and supervision). The scouts work together with the help of adult advisors to plan and execute meetings and activities.

SPL - Phillip Tranchina

ASPL of Meetings - Christian Thibeault

ASPL of Campouts - Nick Slater

Troop 24 organization chart shows the reporting relationships within the troop.The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is the senior youth for the troop and is typically elected every six months, and two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) report to the SPL.The ASPLs are given reposibilities for camping (ASPL-C) and for meetings (ASPL-M). They have various junior leaders reporting to them who are responsible for duties relating to their position. Junior leader responsibilities can be found in the troop responsibilities section. Patrol leaders report to the SPL and within the patrol, patrol members are given responsibilities such as Assistant Patrol Leader, Scribe, Quartermaster and Grubmaster. 

Troop Organizational Chart