West Point

29-1 April - May 2016

Historian: Billy Jobmann


At west-point, and I am speaking for everyone, that we had fun. First of all, there was a tactical training event(I think that was one of the groups' favorite). The reason that we brought extra clothes was because at this event, you had to crawl through the mud and we could not let the tips of our CEMENT FILLED GUNS(They were heavy) from touching the ground which was hard because they were CEMENT FILLED GUNS. I think another fun event was the rangers challenge. In the rangers challenge, you had to carry someone in a stretcher around some cones. Then, you had to grab a person, carry him to a line, have you and him carry two more people and have them carry four people and so on. And, after that, we need to climb under barbed wire(otherwise known as tape), grab a couple gallons of water back and forth and climb over a wall to the finish line. Another really fun event was the zodiac. In the zodiac, you had to row in unison to keep the boat moving steadily along and you needed good communication skills to turn. There was also a physical training event where you had to do running, push ups and that kind of stuff. Lastly, there was a big concert and we had a huge bonfire. But, the 5 mile hike in and out was very dreary and the uphill on the first part was very bad. Other than that, and I believe we have the groups consensus on this, this camporee was very fun!